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I got internship in Arcloop solutions. Thanks for help makeintern. These guys are doing great job.

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Latest Placement Paper of JSW By MakeIntern

Latest Placement Paper of JSW By MakeIntern

The various phases of selection are;



- INTERVIEW(Tech cum HR)

-MEDICAL TEST (at the time of joining)


Eligibility: 60% aggregate in B.E.

It consists of 50 technical objective questions and d time for this is 50 minutes .all these are from various subjects in metallurgy like

1.Iron making


3.Heat treatment

4.Nonferrous metallurgy

5.Fuels, furnaces n refractoriness
10 questns frm each subject approximately .Those questions are very simple n all are basics like,

1.Which of d fiollwing have high thermal conductivity

2.various types ores n extraction processes of al,copper…..etc

3.parameters of blast furnace ……..

4.BF gas cleaning system

Books for ref:

Objectives of metallurgy by Arbind kumar , refer some previous GATE papers from op.Khanna gate book.


This is the main elimination process. they will c ur attitude ,body language n confidence levels n leader ship qualities by this process only they vl observe d people from the time of entry to interview. try to maintain a little smile on ur face through out d process. A good initiation/conclusion of d topic will gve a good impression on u. and try to gve a chance to speak others .

Topics given for us are

1.20 overs match is better than 50 r not(my topic)

2. Sonia will become a good pm r not

3. dress code in d college.

3.INTERVIEW(Tech cum HR):

There are two people for interview very cool and cooperative .They askd the questins randomly most of d questions are frm like to gve some of them ur self back ground?

3.points in the resume like ? Decrease in % in BE, Hobbies, extra activities, skills ,achievements ,paper presentations etc.

4.BF top temperature

5.favourite subject?

6.industrial training n fav dept in it ?

7.regarding GD topic like ru vocal? Etc

8.Rittengers law

9.principle of froth flotation technic

10.ex.for composit material

11.carbonization temp.

12.what is ur height n weight etc u have any diseases like astma , color blindness ?

13.why jindal

14.about ppt

15.any previous placement?

Duration of my interview is 20 minutes. Finally they were selected 10 out of very happy to say that im d one in it .so be confident in intrvw its very imp.all d best n I wish you all to meet u at JSW…….n thnku very much 4

This test is conducted to the candidates at d time of reporting so u shouldn’t have color blindness and astma etc.

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