Digital Marketing-Job Opportunities

Digital Marketing-Job Opportunities
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 22,Feb,2017

One of the revolution of modern era. If we were talking 5-6 years back in India, this was quite hypothetical to think about Digital Marketing as companies were not ready to give up on their traditional marketing practices but the things had changed and not changed actually transformed as according to a report it is expected that Digital Marketing is going to create around 2 lakh job opportunities in India. The growth rate of digital marketing is around 40% which makes career in digital marketing as one of the best options for students and professionals.

There are various fields in Digital Marketing in which you can enhance your career, these are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Analytics

The Various Job opportunities available in digital marketing are:

  1. Digital Marketing manager: - You need to lead the digital marketing team and responsible for combining different components of digital marketing and work hard to make it efficient.
  2. Search Engine Optimizer: - You should have to be an expert with the usage of SEO tools like and contribute so that your company can save the expanses of google adwords by ranking better in search engines.
  3. Social Media Marketing Expert: - Social media updates are one of the most used things by brands nowadays for the user engagements and being an expert in it in both ways organic as well as non-organic(Paid-campaigns) is going to give you a bright career option.
  4. Content Marketing Manager: - The biggest advantage you are going to get id that you can work from home without any kind of hustle. As a content marketing manager you are responsible for managing blog, drip marketing campaigns, sales page copywriting, guest blogging, etc.

These are some of the key opportunities apart from them there are a lot of opportunities such as copywriter, search engine marketer, inbound marketing manager etc. If you are a student or a fresher you can start only today by applying for a digital marketing internship via and if you are willing to take a course we have that also for you