Internship in politics a cool way to learn

Internship in politics a cool way to learn
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 14,Dec,2015
If you are a young student interested in politics, keen to gain first-hand experience of elections and wanted to explore political world. Internship in National parties gives you opportunity to do so.  

Even as big national parties remain relatively closed in their operations, smaller regional outfits have opened their doors for political interns – a concept popular in western democracies, but relatively unknown in India so far.  

'IITians ''Business School Students are busy learning strategies from these organisations. IIT Kolkata IIM Bengluru students have voluntarily applied to Different parties like TMC Or CPI(M).  

Even AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP) has started its summer internship platform for students where they can learn planning, making strategy, and get practical experience of politics.

Joining politics was an age old phenomenon but all thanks to technological gadgets. People now can easily join internships by different links provided on search engine.

When talked to senior person in BJP organisation he said we are now getting resumes in large numbers as people really are interested in working for our organisation and we appreciate their concern.

Apart from learning all process of politics these students are also getting stipend as well as acquaintances from different political organisations.  

Is it the environment where people are switching side from highly luxurious life of MNC’S to nationalism?  

Or we can say that students are ditching MNC’s to join politics in revolution era around India.