You can also think and do big

You can also think and do big
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 16,Mar,2017

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The picture above is elaborating the crux of all what I am going to talk about. These are probably the dream destinations of every future engineer and they are a way behind other universities abroad. Although we are slowly marching towards the quality but the speed is significantly slow because of several reasons such as excessive number of students, stubborn nature of students, involvement of politics and many more.

We had to suffer a lot because of this. Let’s take a small example we use mobiles and had we ever thought what is the percentage of Indian Manufacturers in the market for mobiles in India. It’s significantly low and there are very few recognized names such as Micromax, Lava, Karbonn etc.

There is a question where do we lag? And it hit the minds of every entrepreneurial mind in the early stage and the answer is vision. Every entrepreneur in India wants to become Mukesh Ambani, Aziz Premji. That’s very good but just research about them. Both of them had been the students of Stanford University and that’s the key point. In universities abroad people focus on project based learning and that help people immensely in creating vision and stand far ahead of others.

If we want anything exceptional from us then we need to focus more on practical knowledge and project based learning because best way to learn is by doing that thing and experiencing the complexity. It also helps us in learning how to bear the pain of failure.

Major of you reading this article are from middle class and we often think that we can’t change the things that is the education system. But you can change your thought. You are responsible for your fortune so you need to think the ways to create your vision. You need learn the skills and for that you don’t need to bother. Some experts in industry are working for it and had solutions in form of where you can learn courses in a competitive environment in a bunch of cream students and most important thing is that you are going to learn only skills and no bookish knowledge. You can further collaborate with the mentors for projects, internships and researches. There are the probable chances that you can have an idea which is going to transform the way of thinking of the common people.

But for all these things we need to do. Most of the students in India pursue their UG courses in tier 3 or tier 4 colleges and they are completely unware of these things. They are the ones who study their heart out and had a lot of masterpieces but still 99% of them remain employers for lifetime. They lack only in one thing and that is initiation. So as I said you are the one responsible for your fortune. So think about it and explore because it is a life changing experience. I am a third year student and took a course in Digital Marketing about a year ago and it had opened a path of glory for me.