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Is it necessary to do an internship before job?

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Posted by: Make Intern
Posted date: 18,Jul,2017

Internships offer all students the opportunity to work in the field they want. They fake rolex deepsea men acknowledge how their course structure of study is applied in real world and build an unforgettable experience that makes them secured candidates for jobs after graduation. An internship can be an amazing way to try out different careers. For example, if you think you want a good job in marketing after college, but after doing an internship, you may find that it's not the right place for you, this crucial understanding will help you to choose your path. In some colleges, internships are also seen as a part of your course. This totally depends on once individual college’s requirements, but in general a three month or long internship is seen as an important part in your resume.

Many companies provide full-time job offers to extra ordinary interns, though this not happens always Jaeger-LeCoultre replica and is the exceptional case. To make better your chances of this thing, be studious in your work, be attentive to every small detail, listen all the time, take criticism seriously and be ready for volunteering always. Picturing yourself as a diligent, disciplined worker puts you in a good way for consideration. If any company does not hire you at the time when internship ends, do not be demotivated or think it's a bad reflection of your work. You can also possibly count this experience as a glowing reference, which you can sway when applying for jobs later.

There are many internship opportunities in India, MakeIntern is one of the online websites that provides a huge variety of internships for college going students as well as recent graduates. In conclusion we can say that doing an internship is not a necessary thing to do before job, but yes it reflects your student life and practical knowledge in industry. You can make out best from internship with your calibre by grabbing a job after it or else if not than at least an amazing experience.


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