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Should internship be a part of regular curriculum?

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Posted by: Make Intern
Posted date: 05,Jul,2017

Internship is something when the college going students or recent graduates work in a company, to gain experience to build their resume for future job. It focus on practical learning, it is a great combination of knowledge and work experience. If you apply for a job in an industry after an internship in your specialized field you have an advantage over other students, as you will not only have theoretical but also practical knowledge in your field. You can explore so much in some 3-6 months of your time. Internship is essential part of your career as it will give you work experience without doing a job, and also stipend sometimes. It unites education and industrial work as the student has only gained theoretical knowledge in his field but now for practical knowledge, one has to do internship. It is brand new process which differs from academic curriculum. Job brings restrictions, as you will have time limit for every task. There is no space for errors in job. Internship is a helping hand to understand the lifestyle of the job, so that you becomes amiable in job.

Internship should be made as a part of curriculum in every college. Colleges should send every eligible student in different companies for internship in every summer/winter vacation. This will provide exposure to students of industry. When students graduate after completing their college will be able to work in a more confident way. Also many companies provide PPO(Pre Placement Offer) after internship by seeing the capabilities of a student. A student also able to makes some professional contacts in internship which may help him in future for further achievements.

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