Best ways to crack an Interview

Had you ever thought that even after having all the degrees, grades and prerequisites, what is that thing which led to innumerable sleepless nights to job seekers? Let me answer it that’s the interview. Yes

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You can also think and do big

Pic credits - The picture above is elaborating the c

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Best way to make your CV outstanding

Sounds simple but actually it’s not. Writing a good CV is probably the toughest task you are going to have in order to get a job. Let’s have a close look at some of the important points in order to master this art: Keep it real –We

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Digital Marketing-Job Opportunities

One of the revolution of modern era. If we were talking 5-6 years back in India, this was quite hypothetical to think about Digital Marketing as companies were not ready to give up on their traditional marketing practices but the things had

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How to get an internship at amazon

Having an internship experience is always a boon for your CV and confidence but if the company you intern for is a giant like Amazon is like icing on the cake. But it is not a very easy task to be accomplished and you need to work hard and smart in order to be there

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