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What is History of Indian Education?

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Posted date: 02,Aug,2017

Historians often portray India negatively with respect to its education framework. They lay accentuation that it was the British who taught us and opened schools in India. Though, history is something else.

Education in India has a rich heritage. An intelligent learning system has been of standard in past. The sages had an interactive approach to teach students that gave the base to the rich legacy which we have acquired today. Gurus understood that learning was of great importance. To obtain information, they created Gurukuls. Gurus and students interfaced spending productive hours in private schools which were known as the "Gurukuls".

The early education institutes from 1000 years were Takshashila Nalanda University, Ujjain and Vikramshila Universities. They were prevalent for their education in almost all fields. The First University of the world which was set up in 700 B.C. was Takshila Nalanda University. Nalanda had all the branches of learning and housed up to 10,000 students at its pinnacle.

What is our current education system?

The best thing about our country's education system is that it readies the establishment of a child's training. It gives equivalent significance to all subjects in the beginning periods of education.

But as creativity is concerned, it is dying horribly. As the Indian instructive system stresses thoroughly on rote learning instead of problem-solving and critical thinking techniques. Individuals must comprehend that good marks isn't equivalent to appropriate learning.

What lacks in Indian Education system?

India needs to grasp innovation to teach the greater part of its immense populace. The lion's share of population is in remote towns. Since we have the technology, it bodes well to put resources into a technical foundation that will make learning convenient. We have to make instructive delivery systems that can really take the human knowledge of the majority.

The objective of our new education framework ought to be to make trend-setters, researchers, entrepreneurs, and authors who can create the establishment of a learning based economy.


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