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Polish your Skills before Entering into a Job

After I completed my graduation, I applied in many companies for a job. I was confused as I was a complete fresher and I did not know anything about the job world. As a fresher, I was aiming for making enough money for my survival. After

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Make the world digitalized

Digital marketing is an art of promoting products & services by using various electronic forms to reach the target audience. In today’s era, digital marketing is a term which doesn’t only apply for website but also helps y

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India’s Date with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become a very popular concept in India in the past few years. The concept has grabbed a lot of attention and has revolutionised the field of marketing. Digital Marketing has also created numerous job opportunities in t

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Freedom at just 251??

It’s simply amazing that ringing bells has launched India’s most inexpensive smartphone just at Rs. 251. People are so excited as Freedom 251 includes features such as- 4 inch display, 1.3 GHz quad- core processor, 1 GB Ram, 8 G

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My Internship in the Capital of India

Delhi has been my home for the past twenty two years. To be frank, I was born and brought up in Delhi. I have always seen Delhi as the place where I can relax, chill out and have fun. To me the city was synonymous with my home. I always had

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