The best way to grow in your career

In today’s life everyone is so busy with their work that sometimes they get destructed from their own career targets. We need to focus on our targets in order to achieve them. There are some important things which should be taken care

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Dowry - must get banned

Since ancient times in indian society, dowry has been a worst factor of Indian marriages. From previous times dowry has been acknowledged as a gift to the daughter at the time of her marriage for settling her new home. 

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Internship – get the real experience

Internship is the best way to get hands-on experience and to learn as much as you can in your desired sector. It is just not possible to experience the professional world without internship and it is the opportunity which should be grabbed

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Paytm – we need to get aware of fraud cases

After FIR against Snapdeal for selling drugs online now it’s Paytm for fraud transaction of 22 lakhs which comes under the section of forgery and IT Act.

The police officers of Madhya Prade

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It is well known that New Delhi is the city of opportunities for the youth. I was from a small town and it was not easy for me to adjust and adopt the different trends of the city. Firstly it become tough for me to communicate with variety

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