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Makeintern College Representative 2.0 :- A path of learning

Do you have entrepreneurial  skills? Do you see a change maker in you?

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Internship in politics a cool way to learn

If you are a young student interested in politics, keen to gain first-hand experience of elections and wanted to explore political world. Internship in National parties gives you opportunity to do so.  

Even as big national parties remain relatively closed

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Earn Experience with Internships

College students who are tired of carrying empty wallets and scolding from parents for doing nothing can update their grades and their wallets with a paid internship in India. Internship helps you to turn yourself into a valuable fresher when you sit for a

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10 Secrets To Getting A Job At Apple, Google Or Microsoft

Some may say that I got amazingly fortunate. At eighteen years of age, I was maybe the most youthful assistant in Microsoft's thousand man understudy class. The greater part of my kindred understudies had three times as much experience as me, and I really wanted to pond

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Why You Should Definitely Do an Internship?

There are some colleges that put up a 'have to do an internship' condition for students while many others do not even care to educate their students about an internship program. If the latter ones knew more about internships, the students would have had a chance to bett

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