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Makeintern College Representative 2.0 :- A path of learning

Do you have entrepreneurial  skills? Do you see a change maker in you?

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Google is now accepting applications for Summer Internships 2016 Apply now

1. Business Intern 2016 Duration:  10 weeks and up to 6 months.

 Minimum qualifications:

As of now selected in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program and keeping up understudy status all through the temporary job. Need given to understudi

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What is creativity

We always try to hire creative people but the issue how can we evaluate. Creativity born from uniqueness: Creativity is something that allows people to show what they are capable of doing. For the most part, this ability is unique to almost every indivi

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My Management Internship Experience

Most of you must have got an advice from the elders and teachers to get an internship before the  graduation gets over, especially the ones in the second year of their graduation. It was an optional choice. You had the choice to either do an internship or not

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Learn, Grow and Have Fun with Summer Internships

Most of the students in colleges sooner or later will be running around in formals from nine to five. While some would opt for further studies or an MBA. But before that one thing that you all should do is a summer internship. Some of you might be planning for doing it.

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