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Makeintern College Representative 2.0 :- A path of learning

Do you have entrepreneurial  skills? Do you see a change maker in you?

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Learn, Grow and Have Fun with Summer Internships

Most of the students in colleges sooner or later will be running around in formals from nine to five. While some would opt for further studies or an MBA. But before that one thing that you all should do is a summer internship. Some of you might be planning for doing it.

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A Beginner's Experience Of Internships

Internships are a vague concept for beginners. They usually have no idea what it entails. They either believe they will be fetching coffee and snacks for their seniors or conversely, they believe they will be thrust into the limelight, working closely with their b

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Five ways to attract a Customer

A customer is the king of market. Without customer the business is not even of a single use because if there is no demand there is no supply.   Supply comes with demand of the products if there is no demand the supply is of no use. Hence, to attract a customer

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Important Point For Employer`S Relationship With Employee

In India there is law for every business purpose like law regarding wages, salary, incentives, etc.... and all the force-able or unethical events are punishable according to such laws. The employees are very important resource of every company whether it is private

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Is start up give you good packages !!!!!! Join e-GMAT

E-GMAT provide a good package - E Learning Expert (ELE)
· As an ELE, you will work with our SME (Subject Matter Expert) team to create most engaging courses.  
· You will get the opportunity to work with

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