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Children- The most beautiful gift from god

Child abuse  is  the physical  or psychological  maltreatment of  a  child, that can  be  distinguished in various  categories like physical  abuse,  emotional  abuse, 

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Digital Marketing – The Remarkable strategy

Digital Marketing is a term that has modified the ways of marketing and in today’s era digital marketing itself is known as the most powerful medium of marketi

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Internship- Why not this winter

Internship is the most important thing if a student wants to learn, develop and enhance their skills. So why not join internship in this winter to get hands on experience in your best suited profession.An internship can be explained as a wo

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Exams- Is it the parameter of individual’s ability?

Exams are conducted by the colleges or universities to test student’s ability and to provide them various career opportunities. But the approach of exams means the beginning of fear in the minds of the youth. The fact is examination

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The incredible form of marketing

Digital marketing has changed the way of marketing as now-a-days people are much aware of different marketing strategies and they make good decision as they are familiar of different existing products and services in the market. People ca

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