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Over an hour of the 800,000 graduates that India produces annually stay unemployed, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the apex body for technical education in an Asian country, says. So, to form them a lot of employable, colleges across the country will presently ought to ensure that undergraduate students complete three internships lasting between four and eight weeks each throughout the course of their programme. Currently, but a hundred and twenty-fifths participate in internships.“The responsibility will be on the institution for helping the students in finding suitable industry or organization for the internship,”

Through this program, unemployed graduates who are unable to seek out the appropriate jobs will apply for internships with pre-placement offers matching their necessities. After the internship, the graduate features a probability to land employment within the same company.

"Internships will make the students industry-ready before they step out of college," council chairperson Anil Sahasrabudhe said. This is where internships are available. There are several advantages of doing an internship during your college days, for it not solely provides exposure to each build and develops skilled connections however additionally provides a sensible perspective on refinement your career goals. On the opposite hand, internships play a significant role in giving an entire active expertise with an approach that nurtures the students to develop a bigger understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

During the course of graduation, students could feel overwhelmed with work, assignments, or co-curricular activities that will keep them very engaged while leaving no time to think of doing an internship or industrial training. To affect this difficult half, one ought to clearly remove specific time slots throughout their tutorial course and notice time beyond regulation to create their expertise levels. as an example, students notice it troublesome to dedicate a time span of a month or 2 for the work will want virtual internships, that are a lot of like “work-from-home” opportunities. Others will notice internships that align with the course they're already following (for example, marketing students will opt for social media internships, whereas, students from an arts background will opt for content writing internships).

About The Program

As an Educational Organization, we would like to take this step forward by increasing the awareness in students & job seekers. For that, we would like to organize an awareness program in which our team will provide some lectures on Internship through which students can build connections within a career field & that will help to identify the correct career path for them.

  • To demonstrate and apply knowledge and skills gained during the program in a real-world setting
  • To integrate theory & practice in a supervised, applied setting Socialization into a field of public health.
  • To reflect on learning competencies in the context of the field experience.

Searching for internships are sometimes be overwhelming because there are so many options. If you are not completely sure what career path you want to pursue you may not even know where to start.

Being self-aware & knowing your skillsets will help you during this search because you can search for internships that require specifics that you can excel in. Main Frustration when searching for an internship? Lack of detailed information about the role. No roles from my course or industries. Too many unpaid roles. Roles are too competitive. ie. too many applications for the same job. Other.

Benefits of “Internship Awareness Program”

  • 3 hours Lecture will be presented by our Experts.
  • We will select 5 Merit Students & invite them for doing branding & promotion of our company.
  • Merit students will get the certification for working as a Brand Promoter of MakeIntern.
  • Goodies will be given to the top performers.
  • We will also provide internships to meritorious students.

Our Successful Program

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