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News Reporter Job Description. News Reporters collect and analyze information of interest, including crime, government and breaking news, and broadcast it to the public through newspapers, television, radio and the Internet. They gather information, write coverage, conduct interviews, report on-air and edit broadcasts.

MAYHIGHT FILMS was visioned by as small town boy in 1965 who painted the dream on the camera which was a memorable for every once when new life first time open eye in fantasize world till the time they closed it, to continue the same persona of his father and grandfather my L.D SHARMA was touching new height of corporate world by developing and setting up new rule for small state client to a big city Enterprise creating new space by making them brand.We have served a number of clients in the past 50 years. Among the customers, we are known for our quality services. Our production company provides an array of services including ad campaigns, film making, corporate, event coverage, corporate communications, commercials and more. In addition to this, we also offer wedding cinematography service. This is highly in demand by the common people and we do our best to capture the lifetime moments. We use the latest technology camera and lens for the best output. Our professionals focus on the details to make every shot perfect. By following this concept, we have been able to set a benchmark in the market. This is the reason our business is flourishing since years. We understand that videos and images are the best way to portray the emotions.

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