Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Brainstroming app layout & design mock-up. 2. Integration on APIs and JSON to develop a robust app. Build React-Native application, 3. Maintain a high responsive & performance app 4. Work on fixing bugs

LEONITE Labs is a startup residing in US American Center NEXUS,New Delhi. Solving the boldest & crucial problem "the last mile connectivity" at Delhi NCR. Making all location in Faridabad connectivity at ease. LEONITE has being incubated in the University of Texas powered program NEXUS at American Center, Delhi. We are into commercial EV fleet management based web-system & application. Take away from LEONITE: get a hand on experience at the live project being specially tailored for Delhi-NCR "commercial EV fleet smart management process". Get top-notch industry oriented exposure from our reputed partners, internship-certificate and perks as per performance.

Stipend structure as above , this is a performance based internship. In addition to the minimum assured stipend, you will be paid 1000 on every Meeting Deadlines (KPI) that you make or deliver.