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A data science hero who has a knack to identify insights from typical datasets, required to best use existing resources and novel innovation to solve NLP and text mining problems. Python is expected along with a very good understanding of text mining algorithms. Experience in designing AI chatbots is a great plus. You would be provided with the necessary resources and guidance When do you start? ASAP. The intern ends 31st of July'2019 from the date you join. Is it paid? Yes, we have a fixed + performance based variable component = 6K per month fixed + 5K in case you complete things with quality much before timelines. The variable part would be goal based (more goals you achieve in time higher the payout of the 5K). You would also be provided a chance to complete 1 online certification course on Udemy for free. Certificate of completion at the end of the internship. What do I bring and where? You work on your own laptop from a place of your convenience. It is great if you are based out of Delhi/Gurgaon as you would be required to attend a weekly meeting on Saturdays for review and lunch! Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Understanding the problem requirements 2. Brainstorming and documenting parts or the entire solution 3. Create a tool that mines text data in a given context and derives insights from it

We aim to help businesses grow by creating virtual assistant, generating deep sights and bringing automation. Our conversational technology uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advance NLP to enable natural conversation with customers. The world is going to another new revolution where man and machines would change the way we do business and live life. We would partner with our clients and help them ride this wave of revolution.

Certificate, Flexible work hours.