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Assistant to executive - to support the VP / Director in operational, tactical and strategic activities, including, conducting research and analysis. To coordinate with internal and external stakeholders and manage the meetings, etc. To implement the personal productivity to improve time and work management

Since over three and half decades, Integrated Spaces has been enriching the lives of middle income people living in the suburbs of Mumbai, through its visionary housing solutions that fulfills the evolving needs of the people, keeping in view the core principles of low maintenance costs, zero wastage planning, green spirit and intelligent sizing and pricing. With every project, we create spaces that are functionally and aesthetically sound. We take pride in the fact that our projects are holistically beautiful; well-planned light and ventilation, maximum utilization of every square foot, aptly placed common areas and structures that are in harmony with the landscape. Every Integrated project is built to be a worthy ‘life space’ for its occupants and creates richer and fulfilling lifestyle. We have delivered over 1 millions square feet across varied categories of development spectrum including SRA rehabilitation, rehabilitation of Tenants, and redevelopment of Housing societies; further across varying types of constructs including Residential buildings, Commercial hubs and Hybrid structure. In line with our objective to create value in the Real Estate domain, we have established ourselves as the most trusted and valuable partner for TDR FSI, among the developers’ community. With our proven expertise in the Real Estate life cycle processes, regulations, statutory understanding and other technical nuances involved in the Real Estate development, we have been contributing to the industry with various face-lifting initiatives that improves the image of the industry.

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