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About Internship: We are seeking someone who is young, energetic, creative, responsible and eager to learn. He/She should be good with children aged 4-12 years, interested in fitness & sports, have basic English communication skills and willing to work on weekends and weekday evenings. Roles And Responsibilities: 1. Assist the lead coach & do as instructed 2. Assist & execute admin/marketing activities 3. Maintain discipline and be punctual

BratFit was born with the mission of making fitness a lifestyle from a young age. The BratFit program promotes fundamental functional movements, while incorporating coordination and mobility. Our coaches strive to build confidence, camaraderie, good sportsmanship, teamwork, along with a healthy dose of competition while instilling a sense of independence and leadership via mind enhancing games that aid the overall development for a child making him/her more fit and active. Studies have shown that children enjoy games while at the same time they build physical, intellectual, psychological and social resources. The physical activity leads to long term improvements in health, the game-playing strategies develop problem- solving skills, and the camaraderie strengthens social bonds that may provide crucial support at some time in the future. First and foremost we want our Little Brats to master proper techniques and build strength, all while learning to enjoy fitness.

1. Free membership to Pune's first CrossFit affiliate gym, CrossFit Chakra 2. Opportunity to be trained by the best fitness trainers in the industry