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We are looking for someone to handle our sales. We are an export oriented company. Our product is steel commodities such as fittings and flanges. We are looking for a professional who can communicate with clients, understand their needs and fulfill their requirements. Job Responsibilities include • Making sales calls • Preparing client proposals, presentations • Plan weekly sales cycle and schedule client meeting accordingly • Generate ideas for clients based on the brand requirement • Market Information • Preparing client and market mapping reports for his area / industry • Reports on client spends at a brand level • Follow up and ensure that monies are collected on time including sending appropriate reminders to clients and agencies for payment • Conducting competition tracking and monitoring on a daily basis • Preparing sales and sales related reports including daily call reports, weekly reports, sales projection report, monthly sales plan etc • Plan and budget revenue generation for the week and month • Provide written brief to programming for the spot / commercial based on inputs from client / agency • Ensure that ROs and TOs are appropriately generated and the spots are scheduled accordingly (through the sales coordinator and scheduler) • Contribute to sales strategy and generate ideas for revenue maximization• Develop and sell specials and events • Maintain strong relationships with clients and agencies in the persons portfolio

Steel Export Company

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