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Here's a very exciting internship opportunity to own the Marketing of a new book. As a part of this role, you will help in promoting a new book on the science and tech research ecosystem in India. We are looking for someone who is interesting in creating marketing content, and do effective outreach using online and offline channels. You will work with the author of this book, who is an MIT alumnus. He is a successful entrepreneur and runs an education start-up. He has 25+ research publications and has been a speaker at Microsoft Research, IBM Research, Xerox, MIT, etc. among others. Please only apply if you can work at Gurgaon for this internship. Interested candidates are required to fill the form below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iCsOO7VLxttCSDklGQnwoNzAzbtAvcCDCs9o4Hc593g/edit Internship Responsibilities - Manage the Twitter, Linkedin and other social media handles of the author, put together tweets from the book, and tweet them on a daily basis - Assist in making explainer videos for each chapter of the book. - Develop a relevant mailing list of influencers, prospective readers, bloggers and others for book promotion and book reviews. - Help put together LinkedIn articles, making and finalizing PowerPoint decks - Update the book’s website on a regular basis - Research on existing policies and suggest relevant policy interventions to improve the state of research in India

About the book: In this book, the author argues that India risks its economic progress, its technology industry and social development if it does not lead in research and innovation. He uses a data-based approach to highlight the various limitations of India’s research ecosystem. The book compares India’s research output to other countries, identifies gaps and provides concrete, well-reasoned steps to build a scientific India.

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