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Category:Content Writing/ Journalism Location:Work From Home Duration:4 - 5 Months Stipend:1000 / Month

Quality news articles that will keep you updated on the latest music, news, entertainment and fashion movements. We formed this website with the hopes of bringing the urban street revolution to India, fueling the youth of today with hip-hop and gangster raps as well as providing valuable insight into the latest fashion trends and urban styles. We had a vision that would potentially change the Indian urban market as we know it. With more and more people listening to hip-hop beats; it is important to recognise this passion by advertising street fashion and other trends in a single location. This website was formed by real people who live and breathe hip hop. We came up with the idea for DAFSO when he noticed that there was a gap in the Indian market. People who love hip-hop actually had nowhere where they could find out about the latest updates, so DAFSO was created in an attempt to unite the hip-hop community together while also providing quality reading material that is the real deal without losing the urban feel and appeal.