Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Promotion of AbroadShiksha.com Using various media and strategies including but not limiting to digital, social, Personal, BTL and Network 2. Sales For AbroadShiksha's counseling services to peers 3. Represent abroadshiksha.com on your campus to assist your peers / other students in finding a better educational opportunity

Abroad Shiksha is a full spectrum education consultancy firm determined to overhaul the orthodox approach to international education. Helmed by visionary director Kanav Sachdeva, Abroad Shiskha is structured to be the perfect stepping stone for a student from the local to the global atmosphere and provides every assistance required to make the transition smooth, seamless and effortless. Represented by a team of expert counselors and assisted by a cognitive A.I. engine, we specialize in answering core issues like accommodation assistance and visa issuance along with counseling students regarding all the doubts and clarifications they may need to completely comprehend foreign education and the proper approach for assured admission. Partnered with various renowned universities across the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia, we offer scholarships and provide personal counseling sessions both online and offline to ensure every possible step is taken to land the student in his dream university.

Certificate, Flexible work hours, Extra Benefits (cash or gifts or both)