Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Leading marketing programs and campaigns from the front in your college circles to help build an impactful impression from the brand and increase your rapport among peers and friends.\r\n2. Using your motivational skills to motivate and convince students around you to make purchases by using sales skills like confidence and charm.\r\n3. Setting up pop-up stalls in college festivals and events for actively advertising on the behalf of QuadB which will help you get to know a lot of important people around your campus.\r\n4. Becoming the face and voice of the brand in your college and Social Media circles. Your social media popularity will help you become a popular member of your online and offline community.\r\n5. Researching actively in your campus and filling up databases on the basis of your own research and campus-expertise.\r\n6. Coordinating with supervisors and updating progress on the Dashboard.

QuadB is a customized apparel manufacturing company based in Chandigarh and has various offices around the country. A completely bootstrapped-venture, the company was started in 2015 with the aim of creating and delivering high-quality customized products such as T-Shirts, hoodies, zippers etc. We give customers the ability to choose between premium quality customization options from the designing to the manufacturing. With countless satisfied clients, QuadB is a top interning opportunity for talented students.

1. You will be given cash rewards for every sale.\r\n2. You will receive a sample kit along with many goodies and merchandise from the company.\r\n3. A cash reward of Rs. 5000 will be sent to you through Paytm/Google Pay on completion of all tasks.\r\n4. Certificate of completion will be sent to the students who complete the whole program.\r\n5. A Letter of Recommendation from the Company.\r\n6. Top performing students will be given the chance to earn a full-time paid internship with the company.