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The campus ambassador is required to introduce the portal in his/her college among other students and to the management also. The objective is to get subscription for the portal

India Business Analysis (to be incorporated) is founded by an IIT Roorkee – IIM Calcutta educated professional with over two decades of experience across research and industry. It runs a portal - https://www.indiaeconomyandbusiness.com/. The portal attempts to provide simplified, yet engaging and insightful analysis of current business affairs and help readers build a perspective on these issues. I am also pleased to inform that the portal was selected in the first round of startup contest, “Smart fifty”, sponsored by the Government of India. The portal should be of particular importance to young professionals especially, those in the field of banking, economics & management and all non-finance professionals. This would not only help them in their job interviews but also in all macro/ business related discussions and help them carve a niche for themself in an increasing knowledge driven workplace.

Other than the fixed component, CA would get 40% share in the revenue generated.