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Overview of the Position The communications intern will be expected to support with social media, marketing, writing as well as administrative functions within our team in Goa. Duration: This is an 8-week internship with the possibility of extension. The interns should use this time to the best of their abilities to contribute towards the project to provide innovative solutions. Experience and Qualification:  Bachelor’s degree in the field of advertising and journalism, media studies or other such related fields.  Experience working in the field of communications and marketing.  Experience translating materials from English to Marathi/Konkani preferred. Responsibilities:  Develop and produce high-quality press releases, articles and social media content  Create presentations, articles, reports, and information for inside use.  Develop weekly media activity reports  Identify media and press opportunities  Creating a donor database and tracking the donor circles in Goa  Transcription and translation of video content  Support with administrative functions as required Skills and Attitudes:  Strong writing, editing, proofreading, layout and design skills  Knowledge of Marathi and Konkani (translation skills)  Knowledge and understanding of current trends in digital media/social media  Proficiency in software such as Coral-draw and Photoshop.  Ability to work with people from various backgrounds and of varying age groups  Flexible and adaptable.  Passionate about the filed education and equity  Willing to learn.

Adhyayan Quality Education Foundation is based in Mumbai, India. It is a capacity building organization that catalyses sustainable self-driven change in formal and informal learning spaces, by supporting education providers and beneficiaries to continuously evaluate their own performance and plan their improvement. We believe in studying the current practices used by schools against a framework of best practice. By enabling Organizations and individuals to join together to build reflective ecosystems, educators can catalyse a sustainable and profound transformation that is needed so urgently and thus embark on our own self improvement journey. Our vision is that every stakeholder from student to the administrator has a common understanding of quality education, knows how to assess performance against standards set and practices periodic review.

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