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The role is a good fit if you are: - Keen to grow and foster a community, have been an Influencer amongst your friends and community, team player, love interacting and helping people. - Self-driven, have superior organizational skills, integrity and great follow through on tasks. You don't get overwhelmed easily. - Naturally curious. You're innovative, extremely creative and constantly looking for ways to improve upon things. - Fun. You're a charismatic people person who can talk to anyone; you're flexible, fearless, and excited to help build something awesome and share it with the world. - Motivated. You understand the impact of a highly-satisfied, excited community. You understand the impact of a highly ambient, exciting workspaces and that excites you. Responsibilities: You'll be tasked with creating, fostering and supporting the community with "Holy Awesome-sauce" and inspiring a growing community. You'll have great opportunities to: - Turn community members into passionate evangelists. Identify and engage community advocates who are equally passionate about exploring workspaces and being saved from the depressing alternative. - Monitor Twitter, Facebook & other relevant sites and actively participate in discussions across. Spread the BelonG Love. - Design, Develop programs that generate value for the community. - Manage relationships with the community members, mentors, investors, and corporate partners. - Responsible for helping in sourcing start-ups for the incubation/accelerator program

BelonG is a peer 2 peer community for digital marketers. A community that's inspired and fostered on trust and collaboration. BelonG is the home to over digital marketers working with each other, encircled by encouragement and community.

Flexible worktime