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Internships Modules

Selected intern\'s day-to-day responsibilities include:\r\n1. Write news and articles for our sports news website Rolling Street\r\n2. Post news and articles on our website, Facebook page and application\r\n\r\nOther than the art of sports journalism, you will also learn:\r\n1. Little bit of technology and social media marketing\r\n2. Lot of search engine optimization and digital marketing\r\n3. A lot about sports in general and football in particular

We are an innovative high growth organization based in Chandigarh with strong R&D mindset focused on creating solutions for football fans around the world. We are building and using technologies like machine learning and AI to analyze existing big data related to football and are collecting and analyzing fan sentiments to create intelligent fan assistants with predictive capabilities in the form of but not limited to chat bots, augmented and virtual reality tools. We are a strong, compact and passionate team of computer science engineers, managers and content creators and posses right set of domain expertise, tools and knowledge to execute our vision. We believe in make fast, test fast and improve fast principle. Our apps have already been downloaded more than 60,000 times. In addition to the mobile applications, we have football fan engagement websites that serve more than 500,000 users per month and a social media ecosystem that engages more than 4 million football fans

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