Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1) Shortlisting relevant content for the project 2) Research on the subjects 3) Prolific user of social media apps and YouTube, 4) Flair for watching digital Content 5) Create brand profiles 6) Research digital products across various milieus like travel, fashion etc

Jungle Book Entertainment, a vision shared by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Pan Nalin and producer Gaurav Dhingra, is an independent Film and Television production company based in India. Jungle Book Entertainment’s productions include an array of feature films, documentaries and television with an impressive association with producers, directors and acting talents from across the world. Jungle Book Entertainment produces work across all genres, which have distinctiveness, originality and top-notch production values. The company takes pride in creation of original content and follows it through all stages of the filmmaking process and distribution.

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