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Content Writing in the advertising and marketing field. \r\nYou should have these following qualities:\r\n1. Eagerness to learn\r\n2. Look for initiative\r\n3. Positive attitude towards everything\r\n4. Should be on time\r\n5. Excellent communication skills\r\n6. Critical thinking\r\n7. Technical Proficiency

Umbrella Aegis is a renowned name for experiential marketing; the name ‘Umbrella Aegis’ itself suggests that “during the testing times we see you through” and our main focus is to help you to establish your brand rather than opting for just another promotional activity. With Our headquarters based in Mumbai having regional presence across India, it has enabled us to help our clients in creating the brand and establishing it more strongly. Managing a national campaign or event is our forte in terms of venue expertise; we effectively manage to meet the best of your expectations. We have great amount of exposure to ensure the accessibility, quality, practicality, ease and affordability for each and every type of campaign.

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