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Category: curiosity catalyst Eligibility:Electronics Engineering Location:Mumbai Duration:3 - 12 Months Stipend:5000 - 15000 / Month

Run by passionate professionals, Curiosity Gym is a start-up that aims to create spaces that are full of creative energy, experimentation, innovation, idea-exchange and collaboration - for children and adults to learn, teach, share and build a new constantly evolving paradigm of learning, design and making. We are looking for zealous, restless and curious interns who believe in inquiry-based learning, learning-by-doing, tinkering, creative expression and learning through collaborative teamwork. Curiosity Gym is looking to hire and have alliances with course creators, instructors and instruction assistants who can help on a creating a wide variety of multi-age courses and projects. A wide variety of skill-sets will be nurtured at the Gym: design, electronics, science, mathematics, social sciences, philosophy, crafts, music, photography, programming and entrepreneurship. If you love what you do, love to ideate, design, teach or mentor, Curiosity Gym is the place for you.