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Internship Job description for Digital Marketing listed on this platform @Promote the brand throughout the different directories we will provide you during your internship. @Use major social network to expose the business to potential customers in different sectors and industries @Select different type of projects you want to manage through digital marketing and social media marketing @Keep the corporate office aware of your progress by providing updated reports with tracking your efforts online and offline.

ProAce International originally opened its door in 1997 by providing business consulting, life-skills coaching to customers all around USA and Canada. Afterwards, we specialized in helping entrepreneurs start or buy their business using a multitude of leverage techniques and takeovers to reach their American Dream. With many years under our belt, we decided to spread our line of services by offering Moving and relocation services, Importing and Exporting consulting, Fitness training, and Search Engine optimization (SEO).

Certificate, Letter of Recommendation, Full time employment