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This internship focuses on career building for candidates serious about their career growth and personality development. This program shall cover various aspect of marketing and promotion including digital media marketing as it's key feature. For successful candidates who shall clear the interview, training and program they shall be awarded certificate which shall give them leverage to apply with numerous brands and service providers they may also be considered for full time role as a freelancer or depending on numerous projects to work on. This internship is available online and offline at numerous locations however the center point for maximum exposure will be Delhi where you may have several opportunities to address real time experience of working in applied capacity for this program. This internship is an equal opportunity program where deserving one shall get an career advancement in multiple capacity. Make sure you have taken required clearance and permission for whom so ever it may be required.

Be it learning and working. Business or networking. Be it hospitality or marketing. I provide ground handling services in professional capacity for numerous people coming to Indian subcontinent for business extension, trade and promotion. I do contracts and tie ups, where I do match making and representation for my client, connecting them to numerous brands and service seekers. My services are flexibly customized without any sense of competition from 3rd parties. There shall be no easy match to my expertise in multiple capacity where I am working more than 15 years as a licensed service provider in the business of hospitality and past 4 years actively involved in brand representation and customized promotions.

Certificate, commission, job opportunity