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Project Mandate: To collate and publish a sectoral research booklet called ‘Book of Profit 2018? This is the 4th year of our Collaborative Research Project! Over the years our Equity Research Live Projects has yielded some exceptional and insightful research! As always, this time we will go a notch higher with our research mandate and produce a book that will cover all round sectoral research of a few sectors that we will be researching on this summer! Students whose exceptional work will be utilized in the book, they and their colleges will get the due credit for the same in the publication! The Money Roller’s objective: At the end, the project students need to complete specific fundamental research work assigned to them related to the book (Due credit will be given to the students for their efforts) To learn more about our Scholarship Drive for the project you can fo to our website and read the details. Roles And Responsibilities: 1. Students objective: To prepare equity research summer project report analyzing investment opportunities. In the Equity Research, Summer Project aspirants have to do an exhaustive comparative study of the companies/players within the sector. Gather information through primary and secondary research and analyze different investment options and tools and there will be periodic submission.

• We at The Money Roller, do our Indigenous Research using Techno Fundamental Analysis and come up with the best recommendations for our stake holders.\r\n\r\n• Our expertise lies in, Equity (Cash & FNO), Currencies, Cross Currencies and Commodity Markets and combining these with Inter-market Analysis. \r\n\r\n• We mentor budding traders & analysts in the Financial Markets with our scientifically designed approach provided by our experienced traders and faculty.\r\n\r\n• We are also Involved in Corporate Training and cover various contemporary Financial Assets and Analysis such as Equity, Derivatives, Advance Derivatives, Currency, Commodity, Interest Rate Futures and so on.\r\n\r\n• Workshops are conducted in B-Schools associated with TMR. Topics being Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Psychological Analysis with a focus on creating and mentoring of a Research Center in B-schools.

1.Students will do a detailed sector analysis with Top-down Approach. 2.Students will get to prepare and submit their own indigenous research findings based on mentoring of The Money Roller Research Team. 3.Statistical Data Mining & Analysis 5.Special training sessions on Financial Statement Analysis and Ratios 6.The data and research carried out during the project will be used by The Money Roller for internal research purposes. 7.Identification of investment opportunities for The Money Roller Investment arm, and come up with best recommendations.