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Responsibilities: 1. Working on the event planning and marketing 2. Connecting with prospective brands/designers/exhibitors for the event. 3. Manage all aspects of the event planning process, including collaboration with subcontractors, venue identification, menu development, printing and design of materials and budget tracking 4. Making graphics and presentations and sending across the event presentation & proposal to pitch in clients. 5. Maintaining the records and reporting 6. Using different channels to propagate the event and get the maximum positive response. 7. Manage promotional stalls

Voxxeltek is a global company with insights into cutting-edge, current and future tech, that renders services and builds products in the realm of emerging technologies. In a world of blurring boundaries between reality and fantasy, of hyper-reality and boundless creativity, and transformed, real-time communication, our endeavor is to give brands a competitive edge in a very competitive market and build a high-end range of state-of-the-art immersive tech products for consumers.

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