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Requirements: (Mandatory) Only females. Excellent and pleasing personality. Excellent sense of style. Good communication skills About the brand: Established in 1995, Soulier Carte is a London footwear brand. Soulier Carte produces trendsetting footwear that scores high on style and quality. Soulier Carte was born on simple yet powerful idea to create a fashion that scores high on style and quality; So we don’t just make shoes we craft them with purpose and fashion. We believe fashion is temporary but style is permanent and it’s the only thing that truly belongs to you, the individual. We will help you keep it that way. Let Soulier Carte speak for you. Products Soulier Carte carries various styles and colors of shoes, allowing you to choose something that will match your taste and offer the right look for every occasion. A variety of heel sizes offers even more versatility to your look. You'll find many options you'll love that too with a touch of exclusiveness.

Gurgaon-based startup, Deyor Camps is the only branded camp platform offering serene camping experiences in India. Deyor camps are a mass-market product piloting in India, building our first and only, one of a kind chain of branded camps, cottages, and activities while concreting an underlying business around providing quality outdoor accommodation and thrilling experiences for adventure driven travelers. Not only do we target niche segments like last minute bookings and boutique tourist accommodations like houseboats and old havelis in Rajasthan to differentiate and offer unique stay options; We have also partnered up with local vendors to set up camps and invest in them as an acceptable alternative for leisure and corporate travelers. We also provide accommodation experiences in pilgrimage cities, tapping into backpacker trips, weddings, and special events. We have already signed close to 100 exclusive contracts across 45 locations.

- Experience Certificate - Stipend