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This is the 5th consecutive year of our Collaborative Research Project! Over the years our Equity Research Live Projects has yielded some exceptional and insightful research! As always, this time we will go a notch higher with our research mandate and produce content for our premium research product and “TMR App & Website” with the data and analysis that the Live Project yields!\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nThere are very few qualitative Finance Projects available these days owing to the fact that there lack of skills in students to do research practically.\\\\r\\\\nIn order to offset the issue, we have decided to first provide industrial training of a very high gradation (something which is again lacking in the industry). Post training the candidate is ready to take on the practical experience that our Live Project will offer.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nWe have openings for two Live Project Modules:\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n1. Equity Research\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n2. Derivative Research\\\\r\\\\nHere is how the Project will pan out:\\\\r\\\\nStep1: Register for Equity Research OR Derivative Research Training and Live Project. You have 11 months of access to certified training and projects.\\\\r\\\\nStep2: Complete module-wise training and assessment.\\\\r\\\\nStep3: Clearing a particular module makes you eligible for a project related to that module. Several projects will be launched throughout the year. Check the portal for date, project mandate, eligibility etc.\\\\r\\\\nStep4: Candidate is eligible to take at- two projects throughout the 11 months access. There may be more opportunities depending on past project performance.\\\\r\\\\nStep5: Complete the project and become eligible for separate certificate for each project (quality of the work will be evaluated)

The Money Roller was established with an aim to redefine the research culture in India. In TMR we believe in creating our own genuine research. Our expertise lies in analyzing the Equity (Cash & FNO), Currencies, Cross Currencies and Commodity Markets and combining these with Inter-market Analysis. We at TMR train upcoming budding analyst and get these young and fresh minds to do Indigenous research for our research requirement.

11 months of access to training & project thereby providing flexibility to balance curriculum & practical exposure.\\\\r\\\\n Take up any 2 projects from the ones that are running throughout the year provided the corresponding training is cleared thereby fulfilling your Winter as well as Summer Live Project requirement.\\\\r\\\\nProject completion certificate and stipend