Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

Designing and editing of templates, articles & garment mockups. Designing of Graphics for Email Marketing and Web Marketing Other tasks shall be explained. We will not teach you adobe illustrator/photoshop or any software. We expect you to have its knowledge and make use of it.

Design Info is excelled in supplying custom colour trend reports, fashion trend analysis, styles & accessories concepts. By Crosschecking groups of thoughts, aesthetic currents, social influences, anthropological and artistic events our intention is to offer the industry a current vision of future synergies. Fashion & Trends for the next generation society. For us, the artist and designer are the centres of creation. They crystallise the trends with an overall view of the world. Several catwalks, runways are intricately analysed and the most profounding solutions are brought forward. Professional expertise on image, style authors and cross view of personalities propose an overall vision of the world for tomorrow here. With an experience of 45 years, Design Info is undoubtedly the largest supplier of Fashion Forecast Magazines in Asia. Connecting small publishers and media outlets to global customers and thereby growing both the textile designers and the publishing units. We now have over 2,000 + different subscribing titles. Design Info also has the largest network of textile designers, surface designers, graphic designers who develop custom artworks, prints, patterns and designs. This global venture now sources over 25,000 textile designs each season, right from painters to graphic designers and serves 9,500 + manufacturing companies. These artworks are converted to textiles, leather products, wallpapers, shoes, bags, etc. Over 5,000 companies source 100% of their inspirations from Design Info. https://www.designinfo.in

You will get a Certificate from us, a very good Recommendation Letter and if we like your work, we may permanently hire you. We are a 45-year only company and have a team of 22 designers.