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Internships Modules

we are looking for a graphic designer who 1. create product renders and depict the design on it for client approval 2. create designs for different products for the depiction of the thought 3. help in create posts for social media platforms 4. be an integral part of the team to design ad campaigns and ways. In general be our go-to person for everything 2D/3D graphics, as we believe in having a small team and everyone is coordinating a part of a project. He/She should have a good handle on a. Adobe Photoshop b. Adobe Illustrator Having experience with other tools like LightRoom, Photography or any other tool is a plus.

We are a creative studio in Delhi making headway in After Market Customization industry from Electronics and other lifestyle gadgets and appliances bridging the gap between Original Electronic manufacturers and the consumers by providing our services to custom paint and personalize their Luxury Gadgets.

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