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About Internship: In this position, company is offering you these following benefits: 1. Heavy discount ranging from 70-80% on each and every courses offered by CodeBeat/CodeMania, either online of offline. 2. Certificate of recognition for your work effort from Code Beat/CodeMania. 3. Stipend will be provided to you after one month depending on the quality of work done by you in favor of CodeBeat/CodeMania in terms of monetary reward or electronic gadgets. 4. You can also earn monetary reward, through our referral programs, of INR 300/- on each and every successful registration referred by you. Roles And Responsibilities: Being a Campus Ambassador, your roles & responsibilities are as following: 1. You need to create awareness about our various online programs, events, hackathon, workshops and internship opportunities among your college community. 2. Creating whatsapp group and adding as much as users as possible from your college. 3. Conducting regular small scale intro session among your juniors, just to create awareness. 4 .Forming a community of most socially active students from your college campus. Let's start moving towards forming a better community in your college

Code Beat is a community of students and entrepreneurs across the globe, having more than three thousand members from India and abroad. Vision: “The main motive of Code Beat is to help students, skill unemployed youth and budding entrepreneurs by bringing them all togrther and providing them a common platform to : • To learn about the latest technologies and their applications in real world. • Connecting them with the appropriate people, investors and incubation. • Supporting young entrepreneurs financially, if they have a brilliant and impacting idea.” Mission: “To achieve our vision we are organize a lot of Tech. Events, Business Talks, Meetups and Workshops across the country to provide an opportunity, to all the students, skill unemployed youth and the future entrepreneurs : • To mingle with all other like minds of their fields. • To understand the current situation of today’s world and how to change it for the better. • To learn and understand the technologies of this contemporary world and their use for the betterment of the society. • To connect with other corportaes and startups for job opportunities. • To connect them with incubation centers and accelerator programs.” Why Code Beat ? Code Beat offers you the opportunity to equip yourselves with the latest technologies available in the market by giving you training sessions and workshops on the latest technologies and internships as well as job opportunities by making you ready for the market with the help of our expert instructors from industries.

Perks: 1. Internship Certificates 2. Chance to meet top startups and work with them. 3. Free access to all the Workshops, Events & Hackathons all across India. 4. Work as a team (Not Volunteer) for any of our programs running all across India.