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Internships Modules

We're looking for interns that are enterprising, resourceful and basically hustlers that can become an strong part of our team. Your responsibilities would include: 1. Sourcing Talent - Using new age tools like social media, digital platforms, groups, forums and innovative on-ground activities to find a great talent pool of candidates 2. Job descriptions - Create or revise job descriptions, applying best practices to attract a great set of candidates 3. Managing candidates - Screening talent, coordinating applications and overall management of users on the platform 4. Operations follow ups - Make sure candidates & recruiters are all set to start working together. 5. Operational reports - Maintain basic reports for everyday operations. 6. Feedback collection from recruiters & candidates - Get a pulse of how they're working together and share insights with the team. Be part of the new-age HR management!

Mego Techlabs is a leading digital and professional services firm. It specializes in technology, talent and learning solutions for customers across various industries. The firm specializes in building new technology platforms and managing the IT resources for customers. It also provides talent support and management in building an effective talent pool for these customers and providing training support to ensure these resources possess the latest skills. Working across a diverse set of industries like IT, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, etc. and organisations of all sizes like startups to large companies makes Mego techlabs a great partner.

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