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Internships Modules

We are seeking a HR Intern whose day-to-day job responsibilities include: 1. Replying to applicants mails, screening profiles and scheduling interviews for senior staff. 2. Posting job ads on general and career websites. 3. Developing relationships with universities and colleges who have internships programs.

GAO Group consists of several leading technology companies in the USA and Canada. With about 25 years of innovations, GAO Group has grown into a North America-based global leading supplier of advanced fiber optic, electrical, environmental, structural, water, networking, computing and auto-ID products.

1. Gain real world work experiences at an internationally reputable high tech company; 2. Learn real world knowledge, work ethics, team spirits; 3. Receive 3 certificates, and 4. Short & convenient: only 2 months and you can work from anywhere, making you much more employable and competitive in the job market.