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Internships Modules

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Understanding clients' businesses to design effective talent management techniques, and organization design 2. Creating reading material for varied learning interventions 3. Designing policies, planning communication, creating relevant documents for the smooth functioning of the HR department 4. Writing blogs, articles, and case-studies for various platforms 5. Developing course modules, exercises, and related content

Management consulting venture forays into people, process and performance capability building for organizations in their transformation journey. Caters into needs of various manufacturing, services and solutions organisations, where windows of opportunity open and close faster than ever, increased focus on organization capability building becomes contingent and critical for growth & success. Organizations in its transformation journey need value-creators continuously, at times as innovators, at times as mavericks and most of the time as credible change catalysts-, this deep thought condensed into the purpose of PeopleNorth, and the journey kick-started a journey that intend and now transcends into facilitating capability building interventions for organizations. We need bright discoverers, diggers, and dreamers who are passionately chasing a career to experiment & fail, create & trail, and intense love for people, process, & performance transformation moving up together!

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