Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Design and develop learning content (for K-12 students) which includes:            a.       Creating the design document             b.       Developing the content outline            c.       Preparing the story board or the slide deck             d.       Writing scripts for stories, videos and animations             e.       Developing interactivities           f.        Developing games and activities             g.       Developing creative expression activities             h.       Creating a framework of the reflection discussions             i.        Designing and developing summative assessments             j.        Creating the student workbook             k.       Creating the parent guide             l.        Creating the facilitator guide             m.     Reviewing the graphical assets 2.        May need to create/ source multi-media assets                                                                                                    a.       Supports the development of audio-visual, animation, video and graphic content where necessary and develop them if needed. 3.         Coordinate the development of the modules within the parameters established for the overall programme, in consultation with others in the team                                                                            a.      Monitors the quality of the content 4.         Create and conduct facilitator training and product training as needed 5.         Coordinate with development partners and designers, programmers and stakeholders within the team 6.         Provide regular status updates 7.         Performs other related duties as assigned 8.         Regular reporting to management and obtaining approvals as needed

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1. Saturday & Sunday Fix off 2. Flexible working Hours 3. Work from Home Facility