Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

Interns are required to go meet prospect customers in the respective cities and explain the features and benefits of the products that we have developed. All necessary support and guidance shall be provided to the candidates. Candidates shall be paid incentives for any successful closure of deals.

RMADE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an IT & IOT based company. We are working with clients operation and information technology. RMADE established at 4 locations in India. We believe that our dedicated team members are the force behind everything we do.

1. Opportunity to work closely with Directors of the company & learn from their experience. 2. Outstanding performers will be given the platform to join the company as an employee & enter a new world 3. Eligible for Official calendar holidays & will be given due importance as a normal employee of company 4. Monthly fixed remuneration for the internship period