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We are looking forward to working with you on this amazing project. Our platform is unique as it is interactive by allowing members and organizers to create events so everyone can meet and share similar interests. The key is to attract potential members from other platforms and come and join our website. As a digital marketer, you will reach out to people from various websites and let them know about fun activities we have planned for them in their location. Some of your responsibilities includes: @Promote the brand throughout the different directories we will provide you during your internship. @Use major social network to expose the platform to potential members and organizers in different sectors and industries; @Select different type of projects you want to manage through digital marketing and social media marketing @Keep the corporate office aware of your progress by providing updated reports with tracking your efforts online and offline.

We are a consulting company designed to help promoters and event planner get their event on the web, on social media and other online platform. We assist the event planners with marketing campaigns and solution to attract attendees to music concerts, special events and so much more. We strive to make the events as successful as possible. Our goal is to grow our team to bring in more service related to event promotion and organizing. We constantly hire new people to help us reach our goals. Join our team today!

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