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Internships Modules

bout the Internship: Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Develop sales generating strategies for using corporate promotional activities & online internet marketing 2. Work on lead generation 3. Conduct cold calling 4. Pitching to clients and making proposals 5. Preparation of presentations about the products or services with all their values for the usage . 6. Create presentations/slides/content/posts/emails 7. Connect with prospects, through emails or social channels or direct leads via direct connect or email followups 8. Follow-up with potential leads over calls & emails regularly and converting them into paying customers 9. Develop a team and fix up meeting with big retailers, stores, sellers, distributors, visit them and present the product

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Perks: Certificate, Letter of recommendation, Job offer, Stipend, Flexible work hours, Informal dress code, 5 days a week.