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We are looking for an Operations intern to support us with day-to day operations in an FMCG start-up. The key responsibilities would be: 1. Understand the current supply chain & sales systems in a start-up 2. Take part in day-to-day data collection, validation, and set systems to automate data collection 3. Engage in sales, marketing and customer service to ensure growth 4. Evaluate data to determine the effectiveness of a product or campaign 5. Oversee inventory, distribution of goods and facility layout

At GO DESi we are creating a packaged food brand inspired by regional formats & flavors. Unlike regular FMCG's, our manufacturers are micro units set up by women entrepreneurs, farmer cooperatives and SHG in rural and semi-urban areas. All our products are 'as is' i.e. made in a traditional manner by locals with tremendous knowledge about indigenous ingredients, flavors, and ingredients giving GO DESi an unparalleled authenticity. At one end, we are taking our consumers back to the root, on the other hand, we aim to be the slingshot for rural entrepreneurs manufacturing traditional products and thereby enabling them to scale. We were awarded the TISS Social Enterprise of the year 2017-18 & are incubated at IIM-Bangalore as well as supported by the Deshpande & Wadhwani Foundation. In the past 1 year, we have seen the organization growing 10x. Consumers have loved our products and we have been able to set up 5 micro-units to service the customer demand.

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