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Internships Modules

We are looking for people who believe in the effectiveness of online counselling, moved by the idea of providing others with a helping hand and can provide them with a safe space to discuss their issues. The internship will include office time but most of the days work need to be done from home. Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include:  1. Counselling clients online 2. Promoting our services on various social media platforms 3. Undergo training programmes as required to learn various e-counselling techniques 4. Handling queries from clients if needed 

People rarely visit a healthcare professional or clinic to discuss day to day emotionally disturbing issues, because it is perceived to be “NOT SERIOUS ENOUGH” to warrant a visit.We felt the need for a helpline service which provides instant relief, comfort, and ongoing support in an emotionally stressful situation concerning our day to day lives, which one can access anytime on an ongoing basis.Lyfbuddy is an online platform for the same where people who think they need help can text chat, audio chat or video chat with counsellors and therapists.

1. Informal dress code 2. Letter of Recommendation