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Project Specific Clients to be attended By Sales Representative. Pre-plan the site visit with Compiled project sales Brochures, Enquiry Form, Particular site Brochure with Floor plan for which the site visit has been arranged. Specifications of the all the projects must be clear to the executive such as., Floor plans, Directions, Locations, Availability, etc. The client has to be welcomed properly and should feel comfortable to discuss about their requirements and their budget. Try to bring the client to the office and accommodate the client in the conference with the awareness that the client should face the projects showcased on the board and enquiries about them, which will be beneficial for us. After the meeting,The form has to be filed properly in the respected file as per the serial number. The executive has to post the details of Site shown to the client as well as broker name and number with the client’s response in the sales whats app group. A Thank you SMS message should to be sent to the client immediately after the visit. Pre- sales & Post sales services should be given to the clients Make sure the client is well attended and offered refreshments while waiting for the final closures. Promoting sale of properties through advertisement, pamphlet distribution, exhibition, etc. SMS for awareness about our project.

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incentives and conveyance for site visit.