Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Complete Social media management ( Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) for all projects. 2. Increase the brand presence through the effective use of emerging and existing touch points. 3. Bring new ideas and energy to marketing. 4. Should be good with various social media platforms and current trends. 5. Should have good analytical, strategic and executive skills. Handling strategic plans, executing and monitoring the results for social media. 6. Measuring and monitoring social media posts- analyzing what works, deriving tactics and campaign plan for the projects. 7. Developing innovative ideas for campaigns and posts for social media viral marketing. Delivering a timely report on the performance of the social media for various projects and deriving insights for a complete social media strategy. 8. Learning new trends in the market, accepting new challenges and pacing with the competitive environment. 9. Should have good English proficiency. 10. Should be able to proofread articles, posts and anything that is content oriented.

Brand stories go beyond what is written on a website, the post shared on a social media page, or a well written blog. Brand stories are created over time, and includes every element of your brand – the visual aspects, the persona you create, the brand voice you use, and the emotion you convey. Pepperz helps you design and detail brand stories that will compulsively tell people why your brand is remarkable. Our team helps devise the right approach to every unique marketing challenge.

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