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Startup Manager is a Leadership Role for College students for coordinating and promoting "Entrepreneur Vision" & "College to Corporate" on campus. This program an Initiative by International Centre for Culture & Education to provide opportunities to Indian Citizens by developing their Entrepreneur skills and providing a platform to become successful entrepreneurs and the best way to get a head start into a great career & earn an edge over the peers to make the transition from College to the Corporate world a smooth and easy one. The job description of the Startup Manger is as follows: 1. Promote Entrepreneur Vision & College to Corporate on Campus 2. Coordinate with participants for online test 3. Collect fees and deposit to ICCE 4. Be part of the workshop/event 5. Assist participants to submit Business plans & Activity 6. Distribution of Certificates. Benefits: * Certiifcate * LOR * Incentives * Free Course

International Centre For Culture & Education (ICCE) is committed to preserving and spreading the invaluable knowledge and understanding of life which is embedded in our various cultures.Our aim is to accurately interpret and make this knowledge easily accessible and available in an easy to understand format that is presented through a series of do-it-yourself courses and programs. At ICCE, our USP is the premium quality course content on offer with certification on Green Revolution, Entrepreneur Vision and College 2 Corporate. We provide a distinct blend of holistic content, nominal fees and superior quality of resources that help you gain mastery over the different components of cultural and scientific studies.

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